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Zaibach ID by Zaibach-Empire
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Fortuna X 2 by evil-francesca by Zaibach-Empire
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This IS My Halloween Costume.. by Threshie
Madoushi 01 by Threshie
Madoushi 02 by Threshie
Madoushi 03 by Threshie
Zaibach Hangar by ArtDoge
2006-Dilandau And Serena by Nadou
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Escaflowne Original Character - Twenty-seven by GuraKruor

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La Ra Everlasting Frost Ch8
Chapter 8 - Secrets the Blood Speaks
      A concerned frown passed across Sir Allen Schezar's comely face. "A search for one of your own?" he asked. "Who has been lost?"
      "A commander by the name of Dilandau Albatou, no older than that young man standing over there," Folken answered, glancing in Van's direction and looking back at Allen in time enough to study the knight's reaction. Folken's face remained diplomatically stoic, but he laughed inside at Allen's momentary frown. So, he wasn't supposed to have known that his little brother was here, after all. If Van was still as stubborn as always, Folken would bet money that Allen had ordered him to stay out of sight. What lengths would Allen go to in order to keep Van from Folken's mind? How loyal would Allen prove to his country, and therefore to his country's alliances? Folken could not tell if Allen knew or even suspected that the Dragon Slayers had burned down Fanelia, that the ve
:iconsakura-of-zaibach:Sakura-of-Zaibach 3 4
La Ra Everlasting Frost Ch7
Chapter 7 - Kyrie Eleison, Part II
      Kill it? Shays wanted him to kill that dragon? Dilandau opened his mouth to refuse, but he stopped. He had slain land dragons and sea dragons before with ease, how much harder could an ice dragon be? And if he got rid of it...Shays would owe him. and he just might be able to use that as part of a barter for his freedom in the future. Besides, by the way Shays was looking at him, he expected Dilandau to refuse, and there were few things Dilandau enjoyed more than doing what others did not expect of him.
      Dilandau held up his little knife matter-of-factly. "I can't do it with this. You're lucky it cuts through grape vines."
      Shays appeared taken aback. What was wrong? Ha! He had expected Dilandau to refuse. Today he would be very surprised, indeed. "What do you need?" Shays asked.
      What did he need? What did Shays think he needed? How did they usually get rid of dragons in this place, magic wands and faerie d
:iconsakura-of-zaibach:Sakura-of-Zaibach 3 0
La Ra Everlasting Frost Ch6
Chapter 6 - Kyrie Eleison, Part I
      I smell like blood? Dilandau wondered, following Calantha out of the castle. Why would I smell like blood? A few days in this place, and he would probably smell like something, but blood probably wouldn't be it. Unless Jay was part shark-person, and she could smell the cuts on his feet from stepping on the sharp rocks yesterday. "Do I really smell like blood?" he asked. Calantha looked back over her shoulder, clearly confused.
      "No. Why would you wonder something like that?"
      "Because of that damn weird woman." Dilandau stared at the palms of his hands. Figuratively, of course, they were soaked red in the blood of the hundreds of fighters he had killed in his relatively short lifetime, but there wasn't literally blood on him. He found the notion that he smelled like blood rather disturbing, somehow.
      "Don't pay attention to anything the Mistress Jay tells you," Calantha advised. "Sh
:iconsakura-of-zaibach:Sakura-of-Zaibach 3 0
Seize The Fire by Leviathan-Goddess Seize The Fire :iconleviathan-goddess:Leviathan-Goddess 4 4 Contest collab by Asrafarel Contest collab :iconasrafarel:Asrafarel 29 26 A certain guy by YuricoSama A certain guy :iconyuricosama:YuricoSama 3 9 Dilandau_Asuka by HLT-Chise Dilandau_Asuka :iconhlt-chise:HLT-Chise 2 9 Chibi Teddy Dilandau - Large by Threshie Chibi Teddy Dilandau - Large :iconthreshie:Threshie 13 28 Follow the Leader by Threshie Follow the Leader :iconthreshie:Threshie 21 91 Embrace Yourself by Threshie Embrace Yourself :iconthreshie:Threshie 9 22 Sorrows That Can Swim... by Threshie Sorrows That Can Swim... :iconthreshie:Threshie 1 13 Zaibach Empire contest entry by SirLadySketch Zaibach Empire contest entry :iconsirladysketch:SirLadySketch 17 11 Dilandau-Sama by Asrafarel Dilandau-Sama :iconasrafarel:Asrafarel 6 13 .:Esca-Ayaka The Black Rose:. by thefreedemon .:Esca-Ayaka The Black Rose:. :iconthefreedemon:thefreedemon 3 8 reflections by burnprettyboyburn reflections :iconburnprettyboyburn:burnprettyboyburn 4 0 Naria and Eria by Aidyl Naria and Eria :iconaidyl:Aidyl 14 2
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Dilandau Albatou by thooruchan
O hi. by s0n0k0
Dragonslayer. Escaflowne by alberti
Escaflowne - Dilandau by jameson9101322
iguessit'sbeenawhile by queenofdrpepper
Dilandau Albatou by thooruchan
Dragonslayer. Escaflowne by alberti
O hi. by s0n0k0
Garden Sparring - Folken Fanel by LadyTezra
my black angel by regenbogen-gedopt
asundaystripthing by queenofdrpepper
Escaflowne Dragonsleepers by jameson9101322
Busted: colour version by FeyeMorgan
asundaystripthing by queenofdrpepper
Dilandau Albatou- New horizons by SweetVenom94







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